Studi Pengaruh Co2 Impurity dan Temperature Terhadap Tekanan Tercampur Minimum Menggunakan Metode Korelasi dan Simulasi Winprop
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T Technology (General) 
2019-03-30 16:39:59 
Abstract :
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is one of methods to increase oil production. Generally, there are four methods of EOR, one of them is CO2 Gas Injection Miscibility Pressure. This method has two conditions, they are miscible and immiscible. Miscible happens when the pressure is higher than Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP). Before conducting injection process of CO2, first calculate the value of MMP so injected CO2 gas be able to mix the oil in reservoir condition. In Determining the MMP of Meruap Field be done to two layers by using correlation and simulation method. Calculated correlations are Yuan Correlation, Sebastian, Dong, and Kovarik and used simulation as reference is WINPROP Simulation that featured in CMG software. The determination of MMP value is influenced by the addition of other gas or CO2 concentration and reservoir temperature. Based on determination analysis result of MMP to two layers in Meruap Field, the higher methane concentration and nitrogen the higher value of MMP meanwhile the higher H2S concentration the lower MMP value. And then in temperature influence it comes to reservoir temperature makes MMP value higher when it increases. The lowest error percent is Yuan Correlation, its range 0.311% besides the highest one is Dong correlation, it is 0.2 – 50%. Keyword : EOR, MMP, Correlation, and Simulation 

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