An Analysis the Third Semester Students’ Anxiety in Speaking At English Language Education of FKIP Universitas Islam Riau
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2019-03-27 11:10:05 
Abstract :
Speaking is one of the important and essential skills that need a lot of practice to communicate. By speaking people are able knew the kind of situation happens in the world. People who had ability in speaking will received the information better. The research is to find out what factors that causes students’ anxiety in speaking English of the second semester students at English Study Program of FKIP Universitas Islam Riau. The design of the research was Descriptive Qualitative Research method by involving 21 students from third semester students English Language Education Program. The students were filled questionnaire as much 6 indicators every indicator had 4 statements and the totals of statements is 24 statements. Same like questionnaire, the interview had 5 indicators and all statements in 5 indicators as much 9 questions. The finding of this research in students speaking anxiety based on six indicators in questionnaires it showed the students got problem in speaking in anxiety especially in indicator five (42,85%) is classroom procedures. Based on interview the students state that some kind factors make the students get problem in speaking english such as; Grammatical, Pronunciation, worried make mistake in speaking english. Based on statement above, the researcher concluded that the students in the third semester students English language education stayed get problem in speaking anxiety. Key Words : Anxiety, Speaking 

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