Hubungan Tingkat Kebugaran Jasmani Terhadap Prestasi Belajar Pendidikan Jasmani XI MIA SMA 2 Siak Hulu
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L Education (General) 
2019-03-27 11:01:35 
Abstract :
Based on the results of obsrvations that the author has done at SMA N 2 Siak Hulu, Which airns out how correlations of physical fitness towards the learning achievment of physical education. this research uses research instruments, namely physical fitness measurred by tes kebugaran Jasmani Indonesia(TKJI) which consist of a running 60 meters, Pull up, Sit Up 60 second, Vertical Jump, Running 1200 meters, and then the physical education learing achievement is obtained from the first semester year 2018/2019.The result showed that there was a significant correlationbetween physical fitness toward physical educatio nlearning achievement obtained by correlation = 0,813 it means there is a positive / hight correlation,then h0 rejected it meansthat there is a significant correlation between physical fitness and physical education learning achievement with a correlationts of 66,09%.The conclussion of this research is that there is a significant correlation between the levelof physical education learning achievement XI MIA SMA N 2 Siak Hulu 

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